Managed Image Library

The library is essencially built to allow easy access to an image file's metadata, and it does its job by providing a main class, ManagedImage, which has methods to open, save and close image files, and properties that will allow access to a thumbnail of the image, and its metadata.

The property that allows access to the image's metadata is provided by a separate class, the ExtendedBitmapMetadata class, which extends the possibilities provided by the System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapMetadata class provided by the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. It provides more information than the regular BitmapMetadata class, like the Author's email and URL information, shot information, location and GPS information, and orientation. All this information could be accessed with the regular BitmapMetadata class, but with complex queries that can be different for each file format and metadata standard, and the result would in most cases come as information that is not easy to handle or read, and that is what the ExtendedBitmapMetadata class provides.

Other classes are provided by the library mainly to support the correct formatting of metadata information, and full documentation is provided for the library.

The library can be downloaded on its own by visiting the Download page and its source code is available through SourceForge.